Vision, Mission, and Goals

Nelson County High School Media Center Vision Statement

The Nelson County High School media center will proactively support teachers and students in each of the content areas.  We will enable students to become life-long learners and aid them in becoming college and career ready.  This will be achieved by cultivating a learning community that actively seeks, evaluates, and uses information to think critically about the global world.  The media center will be the “hub” of the school community.  

Nelson County High School Media Center Mission Statement

The mission of the NCHS media center will provide opportunities for partnerships and collaboration for the entire learning community, offering curriculum enhancement, instructional support, and encouragement of exploring one’s own interests.

Nelson County High School Goals and Objectives

The NCHS media center will:

  1. Kindly welcome students, teachers, and other stakeholders.  The library environment will be inviting to all those who enter.  We will uphold the Cardinal values (Commitment, Achievement, Respect, Discipline, Integrity, No Excuses, Accountability, Leadership, and Service).  
  2. Develop college and career ready students.  Students will develop information seeking skills from their freshmen year until their senior year in all content areas.  We will prepare the students to be competitive in the 21st century by becoming digitally responsible citizens.  We will work with teachers and students in all content areas to involve them with 21st century skills.  Students will create a digital portfolio that will build from the freshman year until their senior year.  
  3. Provide flexibility for students and teachers.  The media center will maintain a flexible schedule that allows students and teachers accessibility to the resources needed within the library.  
  4. Showcase the student work.  We will showcase artwork, student publications, student achievement, etc. within the media center in order to cultivate a celebratory and an achievement minded culture.  
  5. Involve the community in literacy events.  We will showcase local authors, editors, etc. quarterly to involve the community at large.  This will be an event for the community.  I want to reach out to others in our community to show that reading and writing extend outside of going to school.