What’s New Summer 2017

We have recently installed 30 new computers in the Library Media Center for teacher and student use.  These computers are equipped with the Adobe Suite!  I am looking forward to seeing what students create this school year!  (NCHS Productions – it’s going to be a fabulous year!!!).

Also, new tables and chairs have been ordered, but will not be in until after the school year starts!  You are going to love it!  I have high hopes for the collaboration that will happen in these new spaces.

KBA books have been ordered!  Check out the KBA page to see what books are heading to our library! I have only read a few, and can’t wait to get my hands on the others.   Voting will start early this year, remember votes have to be in by April 1, 2018.  A winner will be picked from the voters to win something (I am considering other options than the Kindle fires – any ideas stop by and share!).

Check out my Goodreads to find out what I have been reading this summer.

New to the Media Center in 2017: A MAKERSPACE!  I am in the process of ordering items for a Makerspace at NCHS.  I have many items ordered, but if you have ideas, please share.  I love student and teacher input.

NCHS Productions – we will have a new and bigger room for the 2017-2018 school year.  We will have to set this up early on in the semester.  We have also partnered with PLG TV.  I am excited about seeing opportunities open up for our students!

A new Jumbotron has been installed in the gym and we are currently learning how to operate this.  We will continue our live streaming as well.

STLP will meet before school on Tuesdays at 7:45 in the Library.  After the first meeting, we may decide a different time is better.  These meetings will help us spread technology throughout our school.

#MYWHY: Inspire others to dream more, create more, and do more.


Welcome Back NCHS!

Welcome to the Nelson County High School Library Media Center (LMC).  I am a first year librarian, and believe in the power of books.  To quote Rory Gilmore, from Gilmore Girls, “I live in two worlds.”  The first world is one with my family, friends, colleagues, and students.  The second world is one where I live vicariously through the eyes of characters in books.  I have always had a love for reading (even boring textbooks) because I always learn something from the books I read, whether the books are informational or fictional.  I hope to foster this love for reading in the students at NCHS.  I am excited for this school year, although it is going to be extremely busy!  Please stop by and say hello in the LMC!  See everyone at the Cardinal Cookout on August 4th!